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Episode 9

Published on:

27th Jul, 2020

Episode 8

Published on:

20th Jul, 2020

Episode 7

Published on:

13th Jul, 2020

Episode 6

Published on:

6th Jul, 2020

Episode 5

Published on:

29th Jun, 2020

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About the Podcast

Flies In The Jar
A Serialized Radio-Drama Based On True Events
A box of tapes. A jaded singer. Two friends embarked on a journey that will forever change their lives.

Deep Drag presents, Flies In The Jar, an all-new serialized radio drama in eighteen episodes, a whimsical detective story about stolen songs and broken hearts.

Starring: Jon Jeffers, Kent Evans, Lady Zen, Martin James Grapengeter, and Clara Dunham with original music by Lady Zen, Joshua Holloway, and Dan Capaldi. Flies In The Jar was written and created by Nathan Feuerberg.

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Deep Drag is an artistic community that creates content intended to promote conscious discussion and share stories that connect us and restores community. We hope you find some comfort and entertainment here.