Episode 17

Published on:

12th Apr 2021

Flies In The Jar (Series Finale) - EP# 17 - Un Autre Monde

Detective Alvarez continues searching for the Firestarter while the gang visits Madame Wasswa Lule.

Join us for the series finale of Flies In The Jar, a serialized radio-drama based on true events. This is the final episode of season one. Don't miss the post-credit scene!

This episode stars: Jon Jeffers, Lady Zen, Kent Evans, Clara Dunham, Martin James Grapengeter, Jocelynn Sunrise, Maëlle Jayet, Jonathan Lockwood, David Dykes, Angel Schmeck, David Galitzky, Sebastian Steins Kevin Holloran, Joshua Holloway, Jessie Yancey-Siegel, Jonathan Lockwood and Nathan Feuerberg

Special Thanks to  patrons:  Tina Bueche, Marsha Filbin, and  Adam Fauser.

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Music and Sound Effect Credits:

Thanks to voxlo and flsouto for our theme song which uses the loops “Voodoo” and “Hell Awaits Part 10”.

“Round and Round” by Joshua Holloway

“Fireflies in a Mason Jar” by Lady Zen with special guest jazz musician, Jaime Valle

 Zombie Hoodoo by Kevin MacLeod

License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

Lil Tecca Type Loop - Amigos by 100prcnt https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/229082/lil-tecca-type-loop-amigos-85bpm-trap-bells-loop

Hiphop Beat Old School by adfav https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/235514/hiphop-beat-old-school-85bpm-hip-hop-drum-loop

Lonely Astronaut Pad - 90 - Am by silencekills https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/93591/lonely-astronaut-pad-90-am-by-silencekills-free-90bpm-chill-out-pad-loop

Lonely Astronaut Drums - 90 - Am by silencekills https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/93593/lonely-astronaut-drums-90-am-by-silencekills-free-90bpm-chill-out-drum-loop

80s SynthWave Drums by sirspook https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/126766/80s-synthwave-drums-by-yungkimchi-free-100bpm-rock-drum-loop

JDMAX - Stranger Things by Jdmax12 https://www.looperman.com/loops/detail/98691/jdmax-stranger-things-by-jdmax121-free-90bpm-ambient-pad-loop

intro breaking news by Iris van Lingen https://youtu.be/bfaITehDRdA

And Thank You to the folks over at freesound.org and looperman.com . A full list of all the SFX and loops with credits can be found at https://www.patreon.com/posts/32540509

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Flies In The Jar
A Radio-Drama Based On True Events
A serial pyromaniac fuels fear in a small southern Californian town. A singer-songwriter steals a song that shoots her into stardom. Twenty years later two friends reunite to tell the story and face the past.

Deep Drag presents, Flies In The Jar, an all-new radio drama in seventeen episodes.

Starring: Jon Jeffers, Kent Evans, Lady Zen, Martin James Grapengeter, and Clara Dunham with original music by Lady Zen, Joshua Holloway, and Dan Capaldi. Flies In The Jar was written and created by Nathan Feuerberg.

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Back in 2015 my friend Alzenira Quezada and I began telling each other stories about our lives. I started wondering what it would have been like if we had known each other twenty years ago. Over the next nine months, I took our stories and typed them out as a six hour script. From 2016 to 2020 we recorded the series, edited it, and created the sound effects and music. We even recorded the song that was stolen from Alzenira.

Flies in the Jar is what happens when two friends stop telling bar stories and start creating art together.